Unlike thermocouples, thermoresistances exploit the electrical resistance of a sensor placed at the end of the head, which varies according to the temperature and therefore provides a rather reliable measurement.

ESAF Srl in Milan offers the best thermoresistances and the most valid professional electric heaters for industrial and professional use, ensuring accurate measurements and a long life span of the object. A team of experts has selected for you only and exclusively the most convenient products for quality / price ratio; at the Milanese company you will find a wide range of resistance thermometers that covers an equally vast price range.

Do not hesitate to contact ESAF Srl or visit the Milan office to request a free quote, assistance or further information: customer service is at your disposal.


PT100 resistance thermometers, also known as platinum resistors, are among the most widespread and appreciated on the market. These are linear products, which can measure a wide temperature range (lower than that of the thermocouples, but more accurate) and which are generally very resistant to external agents.

ESAF Srl offers PT100 models also with mineral insulation, to meet the varied needs of its vast clientele. We invite you to consult our catalog online to get a more complete idea of our offer; alternatively you can contact our offices in Milan both to request information and quotes, and to place an order: our staff will be able to advise you and guide you in purchasing with professionalism and courtesy.

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