ESAF Srl offers a wide range of thermocouple compensated cables in Milan. The company has selected the best products for you to offer you high performance regardless of the context of use, all at very competitive prices.

Thermocouples are temperature transducers that are based on the thermoelectric effect. These are very used tools because they have several advantages: first of all they are easy to replace, as they are of standard dimensions; secondly they are very economical and cover different temperature ranges.

Contact the Milan-based company immediately to contact us to find out more about the compensated cables for thermocouples for sale or to request a free estimate immediately. Our experts are at your disposal to provide you with every technical detail.


ESAF Srl in Milan provides compensated cables for PT100 thermocouples, also with mineral insulation. Thanks to these tools it is possible to probe the temperature reliably, with the confidence to use a resource sensitive to heat variation.

The thermocouples exploit the so-called Seeback effect, a phenomenon that takes its name from the Estonian physical homonym who discovered the difference in potential that is established between two conductors of different nature subjected to a temperature gradient.

All the products offered in Milan by the company, such as compensated cables for thermocouples, meet the highest safety standards and ensure precise results with an excellent quality-price ratio. Do not hesitate to contact ESAF Srl to get a free estimate or to request information on the catalog for sale.

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