ESAF srl offers a wide range of silicone heating elements, designed for the heating of metal surfaces and selected from the best products on the market today. This seems to be the ideal solution to heat all types of metal surfaces in a uniform and homogeneous way without any loss of heat and energy.

That's why the company in Milan, in addition to having an extensive catalogue of products in stock, also provides a focused and specialised consulting service, so as to identify the best solutions on how and where to install their products as per client needs.

A wide selection of products available in stock.

Silicone resistors


The heating thermal resistors marketed by ESAF represent the best that the industry has to offer today on the market.

These products, in fact, guarantee a highly developed thermal homogeneity and uniformity over the entire metal surface. A detail that doesn't make the material deform or dilate, guaranteeing the same degree of temperature across the entire surface. Furthermore it is possible to keep track of the heat's power with maximum efficiency and ease.


The thermal resistors with silicone insulation provide optimal performance and can reach temperatures of up to 200°C. A very high performance that gives the best results on metals and even on plastics.

ESAF srl provides expert know-how to help you choose and find the best solutions for how and where to install your product.

Contact the company in Milan to get all the assistance you need.


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